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Volanté has been developed entirely in Java™; Java is a next generation development platform. It’s highly object and network oriented nature makes it an excellent choice for a complex hospitality environment. Java is also the premier language of the Internet. Volanté thus is able to seamlessly integrate corporate activity to the powerful features of Internet computing. Also, given that Java is a cross platform compatible language, Volanté will run on the operating system of your choice (Windows™ 2000/XP, Linux, Unix) and in mixed operating topologies (i.e., Linux/Windows)

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  Volanté Suite™
  Volanté Express™
  Volanté Go Wireless™
  Volanté Enterprise™
  Volanté Customer Database Management™
  Volanté Labour Scheduler™
  Volanté Credit Card Authorization™
  Volanté Advanced Inventory and Recipe Costing™
  Volanté Liquor Inventory Control™
  Volanté Wastage/Spillage Tracking™
  Volanté Property Management™

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ER A320
ER A410
ER A0420
ER A440
ER A450T
UP 600/700
XE A201
ER A470
ER A570
MA 186
MA 516
MA 1350
FS 1450
MA 1535
MA 1650
Thermal Printer
Dot Matrix
NX 5400
SX 6600
TX 850


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