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UP-600/700 POS Terminal

Efficient and reliable operation is an important key to a successful business. And to help you run your retail or hospitality business more smoothly, the UP-600 and UP-700 POS terminals are packed with a wealth of advanced features and convenient functions. These include a multi-line operator display for easy operation, and Ethernet in-line system for efficient sales data management, accurate bar code entry, and Menu/Condiment/Combo PLUs that can be registered quickly and easily. So give your business the streamlined operation it needs --- give it a Sharp UP-600 or UP-700 POS terminal.

Stylish design

The sleek, modern design of the UP-600/700 blends easily into any interior and can add a touch of elegance to your shop or restaurant.

Large, multi-line display

The back-lit LCD operator panel shows 8 lines of information at a time, such as items, prices and other relevant data, for quick confirmation even in low-light environments. The display can be tilted to an angle for better viewing.

Quick and quiet thermal printing

Detailed receipts with information such as sales items, the cashier's name and messages, are silently printed out on a 58 mm-wide paper at a speedy rate of approx. 17 lines per second. Graphic logos can be printed out as well, helping to further promote your business.

Easy bar code scanning

If during the sales transaction an item comes up as unregistered, you can register it on the spot by simply scanning the bar code and entering the price and department number. The product will be instantly added to the master product file, allowing you to run your business even more efficiently.

In-line communication

The Ethernet interface board* lets you create an in-house network by connecting "satellite" terminals to a "master" UP-600/700. Through this high-speed (10 Mbps) in-line system, the master terminal can collect and process sales data from the satellite terminals as well as send out preset data.
*Optional in some areas.

Customizable flat keyboard (UP-700)

The UP-700 lets you customize the arrangement of the keys any way you like to accommodate your specific business and application requirements. If you are upgrading from an older machine, you can arrange the new keyboard to be consistent with the old one, reducing both training time and errors. You can also switch between up to three PLU menus -- a convenient feature for restaurants that change their menus or prices depending on the time of day.

Training mode

This mode allows cashiers to practice operating the UP-600/700 without affecting actual sales figures.

Other features

  Large LED customer display
  Two RS-232 interface ports (max. 4 ports)
  High-capacity lockable cash drawer
  Drawer alarm timer
  Auto key function (max. 10)
  Price shift function
  PLU menu change function (UP-700)
  Recall GLU function
  Menu/condiment/combo PLUs
  Flash reporting
  Full report capability
  Bottle return plus/minus group


  General - Prints department sales data by group and transaction reports
  Department sales - Prints department sales details and total amount by group
  PLU - Prints sales data details, stock management, zero sales for each PLU, etc.
  Combo sales - Prints sales data for each combo sale or one specified combo sale
  Transaction - Provides all related media accountability for the business day, which can justify collected money for the items sold
  Total in drawer - Total cash in drawer
  Commission sales - Prints total commission and commission amount for each sale
  Tax - Prints taxable total and tax amount
  Chief - Allows chief manager to view outline of sales on the floor
  Clerk - Prints each clerk's sales or a specified clerk's sales
  Cashier - Prints each cashier's sales or a specified cashier's sales
  Hourly full or hourly by range - Provides the store owner with the number of transactions and sales total by 1 hour or 30 min. increments for a 24-hour period
  Daily net - Allows manager/owner to analyse monthly sales
  GLU - Prints opened GLU for a specified range and specified clerk
  Balance - Prints the total balance
  Bill report - Prints sales data for each bill already issued
  Customer - Prints customer sales data
  Customer charge account - Prints charged sales for a specified customer
  Stacked report 1 or 2 - Prints a maximum of 15 reports in succession within a single reporting operation
  Flash report - Allows the manager/owner to view a defined total in the ECR's display for quick up-to-the-moment analysis of the day's business


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