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North Bay, Ontario
P1B 1C5, Canada
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The Affordable ECR that sets the Standard for connectivity

  Advanced Scanning Feature
  On-Line Credit and Debit Authorization Interface
  Scale Interface
  PC Interface
  Slip Printer Interface

Scanning Function

  Source Code and In-Store Code
  Price Read Key
  Add PLUís on the fly
  Mix & Match

Front Display

The product name and condition of the register can be confirmed at a glance by the clear alphanumeric display. The display is a 10 character alphanumeric segment plus a 10-digit, 7 segment display for quantities and prices.

Customer Display

  The customer display is a 10 character, 7 segment display used for displaying quantities and prices.

Wide Varity of Programmable Departments

  9 Department Groups
  Up to 18 Character Department Names
  Single Department Status
  Other Income Department Status
  Negative Department Status
  Gasoline pricing
  Scalable Status

Full Cashier Accountability

  Cashier Interrupt Function
  Up to 40 Cashiers
  Cashier Name can be set (Up to 18 Characters)
  Cashier Number Entry Type
  Money Declaration
  Full Accountability Report
  Training Mode

User Friendly Keyboard

Maximum 90 key Raised Keyboard

Wide Varity of Programmable PLUís

  Up to 18 Character PLU Names
  Stock Control
  PLU to PLU link
  Negative PLU Status
  PLU Group Report
  Up to 24,000 PLU's programmable
  Scalable Status

Other Advanced Functions

  On-line Credit and Debit Authorization
  Birthday Verification
  Hold and Recall
  Cancel Transaction
  Special Rounding
  GST Ready
  4 Foreign Currency
  Triple Multiplication for Item Entry
  10 Auto Function Keys
  %+ and %- Functions
  3 Price Levels

3 Serial Ports Standard

The MA-1535 serial ports can be configured with the following:
  Credit / Debit Terminal
  Slip Printer


  0.5Mb Memory Board
  1.5Mb Memory Board

High-Speed Thermal Printer

  58 mm paper width (Receipt/Journal)
  24 Character alphanumeric print
  Automatic Receipt Cut
  10.0 Lines per Second print speed
  Up to seven lines of programmable store message


Sales : sales@centuracash.com

Service : service@centuracash.com

Supplies : supplies@centuracash.com



ER A320
ER A410
ER A0420
ER A440
ER A450T
UP 600/700
XE A201
ER A470
ER A570
MA 186
MA 516
MA 1350
FS 1450
MA 1535
MA 1650
Thermal Printer
Dot Matrix
NX 5400
SX 6600
TX 850


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