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The Small Electronic Cash Register with Big, Innovative Features
Discover the big advantages of the surprisingly small Sharp ER-A450T. With counter space at a premium, the ER-A450T's compact design with high capacity drawer is the perfect fit for your business. And with its bright LED displays, both operator and customer can read transactions with ease.

Designed to the Smallest Detail

The ER-A450T offers a range of advantages few other electronic cash registers can equal.
  Alphanumeric Thermal Printer with Graphic Logo Capability
  Large LED Customer and Operator Displays
  2 Standard RS-232 Ports
  Charge Posting Functionality
  High-Capacity Lockable Cash Drawer
  4 Standard Cashiers - expandable to 99
  Easy Training Mode
  20 Standard Departments - expandable to 50
  Auto Key Function (maximum 10)
  500 Standard PLUs - expandable to 10,000
  5,000 Standard UPCs - expandable to 15,000 UPC-A and EAN codes
  Price Shift Function
  Optional Slip Printer allows Validation Capabilities and Charge Posting folio printing
  Age Verification Functionality
  Food Stamp Capability
  Full Reports Capability
  Computer Interface


  Individual Department - Group Allows the store owner to select a specific group number or every group for which to analyze associated department sales data
  Group Total - Summarizes sales for every group number
  PLU by Range - Allows the store owner to analyze PLU sales data by a specified range of PLU codes
  PLU by Associated Department - Allows the manager/owner to report the PLU sales by its associated department number
  PLU Zero Sales (all) - Lists PLU items which have not accumulated sales
  PLU Price Category - Allows the PLU sales to be reported based on its Unit Price by a specified range
  UPC - Allows the store owner to analyze UPC sales data
  UPC by Associated Department - Allows the manager/owner to report the UPC sales by its associated department number
  UPC Zero Sales (all) - Lists UPC items which have not accumulated sales
  Non Access UPC (all) - Reports those UPC codes that have had no sales activities for a period of time and may be deleted
  Transaction - Provides all related media accountability for the business day, which can justify collected monies for the items sold
  CID (Cash in Drawer) - Total Cash in Drawer
  Cashier - Provides sales and media accountability for up to 99 cashiers who have made sales entries
  Individual Cashier - Allows the store owner or manager to audit each individual's sales and media accountability one person at a time
  Full Hourly/Hourly by Range - Provides the store owner with the number of transactions and sales total by 1 hour or 30 min. increments for a 24 hour period. This becomes a useful tool in determining which times of the day your business is most successful. The hourly report can also be useful to determine when extra employees are necessary.
  Previous Balance Look Up - Allows the manager/owner to view all charge posting balances by customer
  Previous Balance Look Up by Cashier - Allows the manager/owner to view all charge posting activity done by individual cashier
  Stacked - Prints a maximum of 15 reports in succession within a single reporting operation
  Flash Reports - Allows the store owner or manager to view a defined total in the ECR's display for quick up-to-the-moment analysis of the day's business
  Flash Reports: Department Sales - By selected department number
  Flash Reports: CID (Cash in Drawer) - Total cash in drawer
  Flash Reports: Daily Net Total - Net sales plus tax


  High-speed, super quiet alphanumeric thermal printer with graphic logo capability
  Standard scanning interface for error-free transaction processing and inventory control
  True system expansion with two standard RS-232 interface ports (to allow for optional accessories such as scale, scanner, slip printer)
  Quick and easy interactive programming
  Large operator and customer LED Displays for easier transaction viewing
  Charge posting functionality provides exceptional customer service


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