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Departments, PLUs, and Groups enable you to keep track of data (such as prices, sales totals, and alpha-numeric descriptions) separately for the different products, and categories of products that you sell. Smaller cash registers use just departments, such as: drinks, groceries, hardware etc. Bar, Cafe and Restaurant cash registers need to be large enough to have every item on the keyboard. If this is not possible then the next models up allow pop up items, which can list items under a category ie white wine glass and the items are then chosen. Pop up screens make selling items easier, particularly where some sites can have up to 1500 or more individual items and sale options. Larger units can incorporate bar code readers, which enables the store owner to simply scan the bar code attached to products. Restaurant and Café models allow tables and TAB’s to be opened and tracked while automatically sending food orders to the kitchen.


The printer is one of the main parts of a cash register. It is vital to choose a register with the right printing capabilities for your business.  If you need receipts then a printer that has two rolls is best – one for your journal (audit) tape and one for issuing receipts when required. More sophisticated models in our range can store the journal (audit) tape in memory for printing later. Silent printers help where noise becomes a distraction for customers or annoying for operators whilst also saving the need to stock both ribbons and paper rolls. Silent models just need thermal paper to run and can print up to 20 times faster than conventional ribbon-based printers.


The drawer is another important part of a cash register. There are 3 aspects to consider in a drawer: type, size, and strength. We have lightweight drawers for small owner-operator businesses through to heavy duty models for service stations, night clubs and supermarkets.


Features that provide management control and protect your money and your business. Models are available that use secret clerk sign on codes to limit staff access to management functions. On advanced models reports covering: individual staff sales totals, refunds, discounts, operational errors and detailed individual staff sales tracking.


Features that provide you with information vital to the success of your business. Different cash register models offer from as few as 3 to more than 20 different reports. Choose a model that provides the information you need to monitor and control your business.


Some cash registers can communicate with external equipment for various purposes, such as extra printers, kitchen printers, bar code scanners, weighing scales, remote customer displays, kitchen video order displays, and computerized stock control software. Connecting your cash register or computerized system to these can save double-entry of sales information, saving you time and increasing accuracy.


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